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Questions for MIX 2011

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Questions for MIX 2011

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I'm going to be at MIX with a notepad, a camera and a dictaphone so all I really need is some questions to ask the hundreads of speakers that are going to be there. That's where you come in,  If you have a question you would like me to ask any of the speakers (all the sessions are listed here) then add it to the comments and I will hunt them down and get you an answer.

So don't be shy, ask away.

  • When will the Silverlight runtime for WP7 be brought up to date with the PC version?

  • Does WPF have a future?

  • Is Microsoft favoring the C language over Basic  for future developments.  VB seems to be looking more like its C# alternative with each new version.  Are there any plans to continue indefinitely running them side by side for much longer as seems to be the current policy?  

  • Hey Guys, If you have a specific person you want us to ask, let me know.

  • Visual Studio 2010, SP1 is out but still no luck with state machine workflow support. Is it going to happen at all? Not sure who would be the person to ask, so I will leave this to you. Thanks in advance.

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