This month’s MSDN magazine is online and ready for reading. April’s hot topic is Windows Azure – here are the highlights:

Windows Azure Development: CQRS on Windows Azure
Learn how Command Query Responsibility Segregation represents a shift from more classic, three-tier application architecture toward a message-based, asynchronous pattern. We walk you through a reservation booking app to demonstrate how CQRS lends itself to Windows Azure development.
Mark Seemann

Team Foundation Server: Visual Studio TFS Team Project and Collection Guidance
Microsoft’s expert “Ranger” team presents guidance for organizing and provisioning Team Foundation Server Team Projects and Team Project Collections.
Willy-Peter Schaub and Mike Schimmel

Cloud Cache: Introducing the Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service
Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service provides an easy-to-use cache in the cloud that you can employ for application data, maintaining session state, and other tasks. We'll show you how to start using the Cache service in your apps today.
Wade Wegner and Karandeep Anand

ASP.NET Web Pages: Introduction to WebMatrix
This new site editor for ASP.NET Web Pages is different from the usual Microsoft product. See how it simplifies everything from site creation to data access to deployment and even Search Engine Optimization.
Clark Sell

MapReduce in F#: Parsing Log Files with F#, MapReduce and Windows Azure
F# is a powerful new dynamic language for .NET developers. We'll show you how powerful by whipping up a MapReduce algorithm in F# for parsing Windows Azure log files.
Noah Gift

Natural Algorithms: Use Bee Colony Algorithms to Solve Impossible Problems
Simulated Bee Colony (SBC) algorithms model the behavior of honey bees and can be used to find solutions to difficult or impossible combinatorial problems. In this article I explain what exactly SBC algorithms are, describe the types of problems which can be solved using SBC algorithms, and present a complete end-to-end example which uses an SBC algorithm to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem.
James McCaffrey