I am updating live from MIX. Tweet me at @thebeebs or @ukmsdn

18:31 – That's it folks…. Keynote over Smile I will try and blog and tweet from sessions I attend today, but will be doing some Interviews so might not be able to cover everything.

18:30 – Every product demoed to day is now shipping!

18:29 – Access control service, Caching , CDN traffic manager all coming to Azure or being updated.

18:28 – New Umbraco Azure accelerator released today!

18:26 – Version 5 of Umbraco coming in June now has Azure Support according to @umbraco it will automatically scale. You can increase the website scale directly from the admin panel!

18:24 - Niels Hartviq now on stage!!! Gotta love Umbraco. (BTW : We built http://uktechdays.cloudapp.net on azure using Umbraco.

18:24 – Scott G now on stage talking about azure and how you could use to scale your website.

18:22 – Very easy to go publish your site using WebDeploy. Similar to Schott demo. A tad simpler than FTP. I wonder how you set that up on your own dedicated webserver. If you know let me know in the comments as last time I tried  failed.

18:19 – Checkout by Amazon Orchard module makes it easy to add a shopping cart t you site.

18:17 – You can easily import products to you Orchard site just by uploading an XML file. Content types can be used to combine different module to content types.

18:15 – Adding various modules to the site including one from Amazon.

18:13 –  Bind Tuning being used to generate a website theme for Orchard.

18:11 – Drew Robbins now showing off Orchard CMS, using WebMatrix. Downlaods orchard CMS and any dependencies.

18:08 – Using WebDeploy to send the site up to his shared hosting. It syncs the files and the Database that's very cool.

18:05 – Adding IE9 JQuery helper to add podcasting IE9 jumplists and site pinning. It all took just a few seconds.

18:04 – Using the Facebook and Disquss helpers, downloaded from Nuget, you can add both with just 2 lines of code.

18:20 – Some live razor coding on stage now from Scott.

17:59 – Showing how easy it is to use template monster to build templated sites using WebMatrix. http://www.templatemonster.com/razor-templates.php

17:57 – MVC tool update now available for download.

17:53 – Using code 4.1 first it generates all the validation and database schema for you. Scaffolding even created the relationship in the database and on the view added a a combo box to tie up the relationship.

17:53 – Using Nuget to add SQL server compact addition. You can open up one single file and navigate all the database information from within Visual Studio.

17:52 – Scott showing how the tools updates generates lots of stuff auto-magically using scaffolding.

17:49 – Nuget packages can now be loaded in by default when you File > new a project. Scott is thanking Paul Irish for his great Modernizr library. Should have probably thanked Faruk Ateş too.

17:46 – Scott Hanselman now on stage to show off MVC3. Plugging this developer life podcast. He is now showing how how he could build this website with the new tools update. the New project templates now use HTML5 semantic mark up.

17:44 – tool update for MVC3:  HTML5,  jQuery 1,5 + modernizr, Entity Framework 4.1 and scaffolding.

17:43 – We now contribute code to open source projects… like jQuery.

17:42 – Scott Guthrie now on stage… Talking about all the shipping products this year and now talking about Nuget.

17:41 Take advantage of HTML5 today in your website using IE9.

17:37 – Showing SVG, Video, CSS3 transition, CSS3d transforms. In IE10. It’s all hardware accelerated.

17:37 - Save the date: Sept 13-16 in Anaheim California 2011 for a new event Smile

17:35 – Border-radius is broken in chrome. Being shown now live on stage.

17:34 – Platform preview showing CSS3 gradients.

17:33 – Showing Samsung laptop… It’s tiny and small and can run the platform preview.

17:32 10th anniversary of Clippy this year. Apparently Dean worked on Clippy.

17:31 - Griddle test shows shows better CSS layout support than chrome.

17:28 – CSS3 columns/grids is now supported by IE10

17:28 – New fish bowl demo is now released that lests you add fish, water (html5 video background), mask the video, add a background, shine, foreground, audio and a logo. Compared it to Chrome nightly. Chrome isn’t keeping up.

17:27 – Demo if IE10 Platform Preview.

17:26 – Platform Preview will now be dropped every 8-12 weeks.

17:25 – There are differences between cadence and progress. Increaseing cadence just means larger version numbers.

17:23 – Showing this video from xtranormal http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7991991/web-sockets-we-are-the-first. Oh my F***** God. NSFW

17:22 – Building IE9 for XP didn’t make sense. Windows 7 is now more popular than XP in the UK

17:20 – Part of what is great about working in web development is that everyone has an opinion. Native and Cross Platform websites are better for consumers and businesses. Browser that spread themselves to thin across lots of operating systems fail to deliver the best experience on any platform.

17:20 – People want a faster more native web. Microsoft wants sites to feel and run more like native applications that use the same mark-up consistently.

17:19 – Developers deserve HTML5 done right.

17:18 – Comparing paintball in Chrome to show IE9 performance.

17:17 – World largest PacMan demo you can add you own PacMan boards and share them with friends.

9:15 – Bon Jovi directors cut looks amazing… Well if you are a child of the 80s at least Smile You can build up you own Bon Jovi video directly in the browser, add transitions and share with friends.

9:14 – Incredible SVG animation being shown off. Jaw dropping!!! built by a Japanese agency. You can edit the actual website and alter the animation.

9:13 – Foursquare being demoed by Dean http://foursquareplayground.com/

9:12 – Native HTML5 website being shown. Windows 7 Machine with site pinning being shown. Jumplists for Facebook being shown.

9:11 – Dean: First we are going to see example sites, IE9 Patterns and then looking forward.

9:10 – Dean: The only native HTML5 experience is IE9 on windows.

9:07 – Dean Hachamovitch explaining  that the web is better when you browser runs them natively.

9:06  - Showing a video of Grant skinner and other talking about the future of the web.

9:06  - Watching the intro video it is looping through the Previous MIX events Indents

9:05 – Kicking off now!