It looks like lots of you found yesterday’s Building a Windows Phone 7 application from start to finish post helpful, so these Windows Phone Development QuickStarts might come in handy, too.

These QuickStarts introduce the basics for creating Windows Phone 7 applications. They’re designed for two types of readers:

New to Windows Phone development:The QuickStarts are presented in a prescribed order for those of you who want to start at the beginning and learn step-by-step. Think of the QuickStarts as the chapters of a book.

Have experience, but want to learn about specific features/scenarios: Although the QuickStarts are presented in a prescribed order for beginners, each QuickStart is a self-contained introduction to a feature rather than a dependent component of a larger whole. In other words, feel free to skip around to different QuickStarts.

Look out for our third post tomorrow – we’ll be bringing you some video guides to the absolute basics of developing for Windows Phone 7.