HTML5 LogoThe new version of HTML5 Labs went live last week and there are some exciting new implementations:

These new releases compliment the current implementations which were launched back in December:

In all we have 3 main places where we implement HTML5 and related specifications:

In our shipping browser: This is currently IE9. This is all the implementations that we think are ready for prime time. It’s the CSS and HTML5 that sites on showcase. You can get of all the features we support in IE9 here. This is stuff that is considered stable and unlikely to changes, it's often at Release Candidate stage in the specification.

Platform Previews - these are releases we send out on a regular basis. We are currently aiming to release a platform preview every 8-12 weeks. These previews contain implementations of features that are close to final and are less likely to change, but by no means are guaranteed to represent the final implementation that we put in our shipping browser.

HTML5 Labs is our way of bringing you interesting implementations so that you can test and provide feedback on them, with the caveat that the implementation will change and when we change there will likely be breaking changes.

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