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Business Connectivity Services: Consuming External OData Feeds with SharePoint BCS
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for Microsoft Office and SharePoint helps you bring external data sources into your SharePoint apps. We'll show you how to write a custom .NET Assembly Connector for BCS that lets you read from and write to an OData feed.
Eric White

Debugger Engine API: Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension, Part 2: Output
Continuing to work on his Debugger Engine extension, Andrew Richards shows you how to avoid all the dangerous traps you might find as you enhance the tool’s output.
Andrew Richards

Web Migration: Introducing the Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service
The Web Pages page-centric programming model supported by WebMatrix is a great way to get Web apps up and running. If you later decide that embracing ASP.NET MVC would give you more flexibility, you're covered. We’ll explain why you might choose to migrate and show you how to do it.
Brandon Satrom and Clark Sell

Windows API Wait Functions: DynWaitList: ID-Based Windows Event Multiplexing
Event signals are identified by indexes into an array of object handles, which is problematic with dynamic arrays where events are added or removed from the middle of the list. Here’s a container class to solve the problem.
Alex Gimenez

Location-Aware Programming: Visualsing Bing Routes on Windows Phone 7
Learn how to bring location-aware features into your Windows Phone 7 applications and visualize routes and locations in different ways as you build an app that shows you the location of nearby restaurants.
Sandrino Di Mattia

Entity Framework: Code First in the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1
The latest version of the Entity Framework includes two new main features: the DbContext API and the Code First development pattern. We show you how to use these to develop applications, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced techniques.
Rowan Miller