I just bought Pocket C# for 99p from the WP7 market place after my colleague  Darren Strange recommended it. At first I thought it was going to be a code snippet tool, but it’s actually a phone sized IDE. Not only can you write code, you can run it. The application uses Azure to compile and execute code that you enter on the phone, the response is then sent back to the phone.

Now I will be honest, I don’t think I will ever be so desperate to write some code that I will be willing to try and do it on my phone… but the fact that you can is just cool.

Perhaps its most useful feature is the fact that you can browse the MSDN documentation, it’s also styled nicely for the phone interface. Sadly this wasn’t working quite right when I tested it with some of the links from MSDN. I filled a bug report so hopefully it will get fixed sometime soon.

All-in-all its a great application, and I think the cloud integration for compiling is genius. I hope that It’s developed further and improved upon, if you do too: buy the app. Development teams need to know there is a market for great tools like this.

Watch the video below for a demo by the developer that built it: