A few weeks ago in the MSDN flash, I asked to get in touch if you used Azure. I got lots of email from people talking about their projects and I will discuss a few of them over the next few months.

I like wine, a lot, so this little case study really grabbed my attention. I think partly because it shows the really innovate things retailers are doing with Azure and partly because I was hoping that I could go to one of their stores and write a case study (and maybe sample a little of the produce too).

I was devastated to discover Snow Valley(the developers responsible for the solution) had beat me to it and put together a great case study of their own. It a great read and interesting to see how retailers are trying to take their in-store experience online.

So if you want to learn how a company with an 118m turnover are using Azure today to improve their social presence then check out the case study here.