If you're near a PC at 7-8:30pm on 15 June, tune into NEBytes' online meeting, Asymptotics and Algorithms with Gary Short.

In the word's of the NEBytes guys:

 Modern development environments have made us lazy! Well maybe that's an exaggeration, but sure as eggs is eggs they have dulled our knowledge of what makes good algorithms good. We've ridden the wave of Moore's Law for so long that we thought the good times would last forever. Well the party's over folks! In the coming days of multi-core chips and "Big Data" algorithmic performance is back on the menu.

This session - revision for some, enlightening for others - will focus on how to calculate the efficiency of an algorithm, before going on to show you how to set about devising your own algorithms. We can promise you a fun session, despite a little bit of maths.

Gary Short works for Developer Express as the Technical Evangelist on the frameworks team. He has a deep interest in technical architecture, especially in the areas of technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a C# MVP and gives presentations at user groups and conferences throughout the UK, Europe and the US. As well as C#, Gary also has an interest in dynamic languages such as Smalltalk, Ruby and Python as well as iPhone development using Objective-C. Read Gary's Blog - http://www.garyshort.org and follow Gary on Twitter - http://twitter.com/garyshort


The event will be held online making use of Live Meeting. The joining instructions will be sent out on the day of the event so please make sure your registration details have the correct email address specified.

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To register, sign up here: http://nebytesjun2011.eventbrite.com