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IE10 Platform Preview 2 Released

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IE10 Platform Preview 2 Released

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The IE10 Platform Preview 2 has been released today and you download it from The official launch post can be found over on the IE blog.

What new features does it include?

You can see some of the new features in this demo by Ari from the IE team:

What is a Platform Preview?

These are releases we send out on a regular basis. We are currently aiming to release a platform preview every 8-12 weeks, this one was released 11 weeks after IE10 PP1. These previews contain implementations of features that are close to final and are less likely to change, but by no means are guaranteed to represent the final implementation that we put in our shipping browser.

As well as platform previews we also release features on HTML5 Labs. is our way of bringing you interesting implementations so that you can test and provide feedback on them, with the caveat that the implementation will change and when we change there will likely be breaking changes. The File API has been the first feature from that has graduated to the Platform Preview. This graduation is an acknowledgement that were are happy that the standard is stable.

New Demos

With every new Platform Preview we also release new demos to showcase what can be achieved with the new features, Platform Preview 2 is no exception here are the new demos:

  • Fireflies highlights HTML5 canvas, audio, video and CSS gradients - View Site
  • How Stuff Works illustrates how different browsers today give different results. The quality and correctness of different browsers’ HTML5 engines vary widely this is something that all browser vendors must work on to improve adoption. At Microsoft we have submitted thousands of test to the W3C so that other browsers can benefit from the investment we have made in testing our browser to ensure it complies with the HTML5 standard. View Site

HTML5 is Ready

A number of the new features in the platform preview are related to HTML5. Features that are included in the shipping browser (IE9) are ones that we think you are safe to use today. The features in our platform Previews may change, hopefully by the time we reach IE10 release these features will be ready for production sites too.

HTML5 has been a buzzword for a lot of developers for some time but in large part it’s been used in small doses on real sites or it’s been used to build out cool new test sites. That’s about to change. When you look at the excitement about HTML5 from developers across design agencies to big brand companies, it’s clear that HTML5 is about to reach the tipping point where it goes from being a fun new technology for experimental projects to being the default way developers build out the web.

Real companies are putting their toes in the water.

  • Facebook is rumoured to be working on an entirely new platform based on HTML5, codenamed Project Spartan.
  • The Financial Times are getting ready to use HTML5, and are testing its capabilities via web apps.
  • The Internet Archive just added HTML5 support to their collection of digital videos – over 500,000 assets.
  • Disney Tron, The Killers, PACMAN have already launched HTML5 sites.
  • Red Bull, Rough Guides, and ESPN UK have started implementing HTML5 on their sites.
  • Electronic music site Beatport recently unveiled a beta of their forthcoming HTML5 site overhaul, a complete migration from Flash to HTML5.

If your new to HTML5 and want to get a better understanding of it, why not check out these two videos from Tech.Days:

  • ugh. so now we have to support IE7/8/9/10?

  • Still no webgl :(

  • @Marian not current IE10 dosen't support WebGL. Out of interest what Kind of applications are you considering building with it?

  • @Daniel IE10 isn't currently a released browser. Hopefully we can move people off of IE7. IE10 will be more about adding features and building ontop of the solid standards base we now have in IE9. Therefore if you are using Feature detection then I think testing across IE9 and IE10 will be far more routine that it has been previously with our browsers.

  • Thanks!!!  Hope  full support of HTML5 and CCS3???

  • To me IE10 will just be another waste of Microsofts time. The amount if issues that designers and developers have experienced in creating websites/apps has 80% been down to the poor handling of html, javascript and css.

    The only reason I use IE is due to work and it causes more problems than it should. The quicker they either sort out the browsers and send out an auto update to disable IE6, IE7 the better IE8 is tolerable but still pathetic in handling queries.

    I tested a page in Chrome, IE8, Firefox, Opera and Safari. 4 Browsers rendered it correctly... can you guess which one didn't? You dont need to guess

  • Please consider adding support for the HTML5 History API to IE10. It makes web application so much easier to write and gets rid of hashstate everywhere.

    FF, Chrome and Safari all have it and have had it for quite a while. It's just silly that IE is not supporting it.

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