Newly published in the MSDN library, this documentation and accompanying sample application will get you started building a complete application that targets Windows Phone OS 7.0. You will learn about common developer issues in the context of a simple fuel-tracking application for your car named Fuel Tracker. This topic describes things you should know before you start creating your Windows Phone application and includes a list of other useful resources to help you out.

Among the topics:

  • Defining your application from an idea
  • Creating a new Windows Phone project
  • Creating pages
  • Navigating between pages
  • Laying out a page
  • Using controls to create the UI
  • Adding images and icons
  • Creating a consistent look
  • Displaying data
  • Creating data classes
  • Saving and loading data
  • Restoring your application after deactivation
  • Validating data entry input
  • Incorporating photos on Windows Phone
  • Publishing your application in the Windows Phone Marketplace

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