Last week in the UK MSDN Flash Newsletter I asked you to tell us your favourite podcast. The results can be found here and our winner with over 26% of the vote was Hanselminutes.

Scott Hanselman’s other Podcast “This Developers Life” also got a few votes and we are not the only people acknowledging this great podcast, the good people at .net magazine shortlisted it for one of their awards this week. If you want to vote you can do so here.

Below I’ve listed the podcasts by popularity and linked to the subscription pages so you can listen and enjoy yourself:

  1. Hanselminutes
  2. DotNetRocks
  3. Pluralcast
  4. This developers life
  5. Devnology
  6. doctype
  7. carpool
  8. PC Pro
  9. Herding Code
  10. Windows Phone Dev Podcast
  11. Deep Fried Bytes
  12. This Week in Google
  13. SecurityNow!
  14. we're alive