Last week in passing, Martin asked me if I’d seen the Flickr app for Windows Phone as it’s been nominated in the .net AwardsMobile App of the Year” category. I’d seen it but I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Under the circumstances I thought I ought to check it out.

First impressions good – definitely like the definitive Flickr branding I’m presented with and I can start exploring or filtering by recent, galleries, videos, photos nearby or perform a search.


Not surprisingly there are lots of photos of military aircraft in my “nearby” category; RIAT attracts a great number of both amateur and professional photographers. This year I noticed many of them uploading their images in real-time, presumably using apps like this one.

nearbysearch results

I can drill into individual photos to see details, read the comments (a sure road to insanity where Flickr is concerned – it seems to attract more than its fair share of loonies and trolls) and see where the photo appears.

photo detailscommentsappears in

I can view galleries and, once signed in, see my own photos, details and photostream as well as uploading.


Uploading allows you to select from the various albums on the device or snap a new image and upload it direct.

All in all it’s a slick app with rich functionality and a nice user experience. My only criticism would be performance – the UI is not as silky-smooth as it could be; there’s clearly a lot of image loading / manipulation going on that’s slowing things down. This aside though, it’s a very useful app to have installed. I can see why it’s up for an award.