If you do, or you just fancy learning some more about XNA, the Coding4Fun guys have created an open source game engine for Windows Phone that might just help. Not only is it a fully-featured Tower Defence game (you can grab it from the Marketplace – search for “scripttd” - to try it out), it’s configurable through a set of simple XML files. These allow you to control gameplay, graphics and sounds.

And of course because it’s open source, you can delve into the code and amend / improve / extend it in any way you choose. Here we go with a new game…

Game home screen

I’m no tower defence expert, but this seems like a smart strategy to me…

Game early stages

Oh yes, I think I have this thing well under control…

Game ongoing

Look at me. I am invincible….

Game nearing defeat

Oh dear. Those “new” enemies don’t appear to be detected or concerned with my “traditional” defences….

Game defeated

Well, you get the general idea.

You can find the code on CodePlex.

And you can watch a Channel 9 video Larry Larsen made about it.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at a revised strategy involving ant-aircraft batteries.