Just a few days ago, the Azure team announced an update to their tooling for Visual Studio 2010 (Premium/Ultimate) which provides a few new features around MVC3, service configurations and package validation but also added Visual Studio’s profiling support to applications running in Azure.

You can download the new tools and the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit has also been updated to include details around the updates.

There’s also a very short walkthrough up on MSDN which talks through the process of how to ticking the right boxes on the Azure publishing dialog to ensure that profiling is switched on but  over on Michael’s blog there’s a better guide that uses a simple example of overly-zealous string concatenation to show how it works end to end.

I suspect that one of the barriers to developers working with cloud-hosted code is this whole area of going around the loop of [deploy/trace/diagnose] and so it’s great to see the profiling support coming to Azure as a step towards making that better.