Not many of us can afford our own airliner so we probably don’t spend much time browsing the sites of Boeing and Airbus. But imagine for a moment you were in the market for a 737 (or you’re in the business of selling them). They’re big, expensive things to cart around to trade shows. I’m not even sure if they have “showrooms” for aircraft do they?

Boeing 737 Explained

With that in mind, an article with the headline “Boeing taps motion sensor power of Microsoft Kinect to sell 737s” caught my eye; a virtual showroom for a Boeing 737 using Deep Zoom, Windows Azure, Windows 7 Touch and of course Kinect.

Boeing and agency Wire Stone have created an installation for use at trade shows that allows potential buyers to take a virtual tour of the aircraft which is displayed life-size and controlled using natural gestures.

It’s a fabulous site, even if you’re not about to hand over the readies for a new plane.  Click on one of the images in the “show reel” at the bottom (see below) and the main image pans and zooms in a mesmerising fashion to take you to the point of interest along with some information / explanation.

Boeing 737 Explained 2

I can pan and zoom around in a way that’s just, well, not what you expect in a website going from a full shot of the plane…

Boeing 737 Wide Shot

…right down to checking out it’s tyre pressures. Wow – 205psi. That’s high.

Boeing 737 Close-up

It’s a cracking site – just the its sheer “I can’t get my head around this” factor as well as the imagery and detail.

The resulting image has also been submitted to Guinness World Records as a candidate for the largest compound photograph of a single object.

Boeing 737 Explained