The Surface 2.0 SDK has been released along with a new developer centre, with resources like whitepapers, a design and interaction guide, hands on labs and forums.

The Surface 2.0 SDK means you can create applications that take advantage of the new PixelSense™ technology delivered in the Surface 2.0 platform. All using the familiar .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation Framework 4.0 (WPF) or XNA framework 4.0, and of course the Surface 2.0 SDK.

‘But what’s PixelSense?’ I hear you cry. Well, it’s what allows a display to recognise fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen, enabling vision-based interaction without the use of cameras. The individual pixels in the display see what's touching the screen and that information is immediately processed and interpreted. Clever, that.

Download the SDK here