Our new series of free Tech.Days Online Conferences for developers gives you access to hand-picked video content and technology training from our UK team, and the chance to get involved online, listen to speakers and ask our panel questions - live.

‘Making your website feel like native applications’

Thursday 6 October 3-5pm

Browser vendors are all currently wrestling with the same problem: How can we make web applications feel more like native applications.  Chrome has created a marketplace where users download and install applications. Internet Explorer has Pinned Sites, which integrates the web into Windows 7. Firefox Labs has Prism, which allows users to split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop

In this conference we’ll be offering some recommended viewing to help you familiarise yourself with different aspects of using IE9 to make your website feel like native applications and inviting you to attend an online session where we discuss the topic ‘what makes a website a web app?’

In this live online conference, Martin Beeby and a special guest will discuss the difference between a website and a web application. As well as recapping the video content on Site Pinning in IE9 and answering any questions you may have. You will also learn about HTML5 features that will allow applications to do more than what is currently possible with just AJAX and HTML 4.

We look forward to you joining us for the new series of Tech.Days Online Conference for web development. Register today and start! 

How our online conferences work?

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Step Three / Send questions or points in advance - When we meet in the live online conference we’ll do our best to address all your comments and questions - whether they’re sent in advance or asked live.

Step Four / Attend your live online conference - Join the conference at the scheduled time using the LiveMeeting platform. This will not simply be a presentation based experience: the first part will be a wrap-up and high level summary of the video content; the second part will be a Q&A session where you can post questions for our panel and interact with peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I need to know about web development to attend these online conferences?
  • You do not need any prior experience or knowledge about web development to attend this live online conference.

  • Who can attend these online conferences?
  • Students, developers, hobbyist, technology enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome! All we ask is that you are ready and keen to learn about IE9 and web development.

  • How much does it cost to attend these online conferences?
  • These online conferences are free to attend.

  • What do I need to prepare in advance to make the most of the live online conference?
  • Make sure you watch the videos recommended in your registration confirmation email and bring your questions and comments to the live online conference to maximise your learning opportunity.

  • If I have questions, who do I talk to?
  • Drop an email to uktechdays@microsoft.com