Our new series of free Tech.Days Online Conferences for developers gives you access to hand-picked video content and technology training from our UK team, and the chance to get involved online, listen to speakers and ask our panel questions - live.

Get up to Speed with Windows Azure

Windows Azure Online Conference on Tuesday 4 October 3-5pm.

All the skills you possess as a developer aren’t made null and void by cloud computing and particularly Windows Azure. There are a small number of things you need to bear in mind when developing applications for this platform, but the vast majority of the logic you produce will be just the same as that you would produce for an on-premise environment.

We’ll show you what those differences are on this conference – things such as storage, and SQL Azure and get you over that initial hump of taking on something new, which on the surface can look scary, but with just a small amount of knowledge, you’ll find you can be very productive in this new environment.

In this conference we’ll be offering some recommended viewing / reading to help you familiarise yourself with different aspects of developing for Windows Azure and inviting you to attend an online session where we discuss the key principles and try to answer the questions you have related to applying these principles to your own Windows Azure applications

You can bring questions you have as a result of running through the content. Questions on coding or the Windows Azure architecture. Maybe you have questions about what the next steps should be, how you could advance your knowledge, what resources are available once you get up to speed. Or questions such as how to migrate an application, how to start a project, what options are there for dev and test. We’ll try to categorise the questions in to question classes in order to make best use of the time and of course if there is any new or late-breaking news, we’ll make sure you are updated on that.

We look forward to you joining us for the new series of Tech.Days Online Conference for Windows Azure. Register today and start! 

How our online conferences work?

Step One / Register - Click on the link for the Tech.Days Online Conference you want to join.

Step Two / View content - Once you’ve registered we’ll send you an email highlighting the video and white paper content to view and digest before the day of your online conference. This hand-picked content helps you cut through the clutter of information around your area of interest.

Step Three / Send questions or points in advance - When we meet in the live online conference we’ll do our best to address all your comments and questions - whether they’re sent in advance or asked live.

Step Four / Attend your live online conference - Join the conference at the scheduled time using the LiveMeeting platform. This will not simply be a presentation based experience: the first part will be a wrap-up and high level summary of the video content; the second part will be a Q&A session where you can post questions for our panel and interact with peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I need to know about Windows Azure to attend these online conferences?
  • You do not need any prior experience or knowledge about Windows Azure or cloud development to attend this live online conference. The purpose of this online conference is to provide you with the basic skills and knowledge to get started with learning about Windows Azure.


  • Who can attend these online conferences?
  • Students, developers, hobbyist, technology enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome! All we ask is that you are ready and keen to learn about Windows Azure development.


  • How much does it cost to attend these online conferences?
  • These online conferences are free to attend.


  • What do I need to prepare in advance to make the most of the live online conference?
  • Make sure you watch the videos recommended in your registration confirmation email and bring your questions and comments to the live online conference to maximise your learning opportunity.