Kicking off this Saturday is our new series of Windows Phone Camps in London (and next Saturday in Manchester). If you are the few lucky ones (as the first two camps have already been fully registered) who have scored a seat, here is a quick preview of what is in store for you!

Registration kicks off at 8:30am so you can make your way to the venue as we will start promptly at 9am. After a brief introduction to the day, we will encourage everyone to join a session focused on design and user journey for Windows Phone. The design of an app is often overlooked so we hope to provide you with the fundamentals to not only design for Windows Phone but design in general so you can better navigate your way to an app that delivers a fantastic user experience. 

Then, the camp opens up to two zones. The first one is the open workshop zone where you can learn and work at your own pace with guided help from our trainers from Appamundi. You can also meet other windows phone developers and find out what they are up to. The second one is the tutorial zone where a number of short tutorial sessions can be requested on-demand throughout the day which will also be delivered by the trainers from Appamundi. You are encouraged to make the most of both zones and choose what you want to do as the day progresses. Whether you are completely new to Windows Phone or you have a few questions around getting started, you can get what you need in one of the two zones. 

Of course, we will have snacks and drinks throughout the day to keep you energised. As we wrap up, we have invited the crew from Hit + Run. The crew will be printing limited edition t-shirts live at the camps. At each camp, a collection of single-color silkscreen designs will be created. You can personally select your own combination and placement of the designs, to create one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. 

So, here is just a taste of what you’ll get at the upcoming Windows Phone Camp as there will be plenty more on offer. If you have registered, make sure you arrive before 9am and if you haven’t registered for the camp, we will be announcing future camps around the country (including London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Liverpool). 

In the meantime, keep checking the MSDN blog for updated information or follow us on Twitter (uktechdays) and #wpcampuk. If you have any other questions, drop us an email on!