I’ve been talking to the guys at Cube Social for a little while now and was quite taken by their reasons for using Windows Azure as the platform for their Social CRM system. It all fits very neatly in to 3 of the ideal Windows Azure workload patterns: Growing Fast, Predictable Bursting, Unpredictable Bursting.

Watch Mark Bower, the CTO, talk about these features and why they chose Windows Azure to host their solution in this 3 minute video.

Mark Bower talks about Windows Azure and Cube Social

I also think the things they are doing with the notion of Social CRM are pretty interesting. The first time I talked to Linda Cheung, the director at Cube Social I was trying to understand what the system does. “For example, you aren’t that much of a stranger to me” she said – “I’m looking at a picture of you, I can see the kinds of things you blog about, there is information in your LinkedIn profile…”.

We publish so much information about ourselves on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn and so on, how great to have a system which can bring it altogether in a meaningful way and give us information about potential customers, clients and so on. The more we know about the people we interact with, the more targeted our thinking and interactions can become.

Find out more about Cube Social here. Sign up for a Cube Social Beta account here.

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