Fancy customising your own Windows Phone Camp T-Shirt? At the next Windows Phone Camp in February next year every attendee will get to make their own T-Shirt, brought to you by the crew at Hit & Run. How does this work? You will get to select the size of your t-shirt on the day and choose up to 6 different designs to be screen printed on to your t-shirt in whatever position you like.

What’s more, we’re giving you the chance to see your very own moniker in amongst the 6 designs you and all the attendees will be wearing. So you’ll get to see everyone wearing your T-Shirt – and be proud of your wonderous creativity. Submit your design by emailing your design to us at  and following the simple criteria and the most popular design (as voted by the team at MSDN UK) will be part of the 6 designs available at the Windows Phone Camp.

Specification: Mono-Chrom, 30cm x 30 cm, High resolution jpg or PDF

Submission deadline is Friday 13th January 2012.

Drop your design to us at

You have until then to come up with a cool design. Besides having your design on every Windows Phone Camp t-shirt, we have an exclusive Windows Phone Phillips Bluetooth Headset for you. So, get designing over the holiday break! And registration for the Windows Phone Camp will be coming in early Jan 2012.