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The .NET Ninja

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The .NET Ninja

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by Chris Eargle

The ninjas of legend evoke images of a mysterious figure in black, able to perform super human feats and defeat enemies with cunning tactics. Nowadays, the term is applied to those that have mastered a skill to such an extent they are considered more than mere mortals. Telerik JustCode will transform you into .NET ninja.

Although honed in body and mind, ninjas never work without the appropriate tools. Invisibility and flying are all within the reach of one with camouflage and ropes. Likewise, .NET developers can enhance their productivity with Visual Studio by using the appropriate add-ins, and in the process appear superhuman to their stakeholders.

Ninjas use available resources to have an extraordinary effect with little effort. You can use JustCode to quickly refactor code with simple key presses. Refactorings are suggested to you when they are applicable, like a sensei guiding you in the process. Your sensei is even there to inform you when your code has gone wrong or could be improved. You will not be defeated by poor technique!

Repetition, such as code katas, is good for training yourself to perform a task without needing to think about it. Ninjas use this to build muscle memory. Your muscle memory with JustCode is stored in code templates. These snippets of code can be defined in two styles: insert and surround. Like any martial art move, they are contextual and even take into account your allies… or in this case your variables.

A ninja’s weapons and techniques are always sharp and crisp. A messy style can get one caught or killed! With JustCode, you can define the style of your code and automate the cleanup process. Since a ninja works in teams (how do you think they scale walls), you can share your settings with other members within your own clan to ensure everyone is working together.

A ninja clan is never safe. There are always perils in performing a mission: enemy ninjas (or worse, pirates) could have infiltrated the clan, essential tasks left incomplete, or a weapon could be worn from use. A .NET ninja has the JustCode unit test runner to determine if code no longer works as expected and can use the ToDo Navigator to detect code that has not been fully implement… or worse, is a complete hack. I can’t help you with the pirates in your mist.

To be a .NET ninja, one must be prepared for every encounter. One must master various martial arts: C# or VB, JavaScript, XML, and XAML. One must be prepared to destroy enemies before they become bugs. One must use the sharpest tool available supporting all these things: Telerik JustCode.

Chris Eargle is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – C#, Telerik Most Valuable Professional, and INETA Community Champion from Columbia, SC, USA. He has designed and developed several enterprise and open source applications, and he runs the local .NET User Group: the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild. He is a frequent guest of conferences and community events promoting best practices and new technologies. His blog,, has been featured on ASP.NET, MSDN, and Reddit. Chris is the co-author of Under the Hood of .NET Memory Management.

  • How does JustCode compare to ReSharper?

  • Hello Francis. Both have a similar set of features, but are different in some ways. A few items that sets JustCode (official releases) apart  are structural highlighting, async support, and VS11 support. Productivity tools are very personal. I recommend giving JustCode a try and going with the tool that works best for you.

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