Following our previous article on new materials in the MSDN library, there are 5 new articles for your learning pleasure, covering Windows Phone 7 development and one article on developing applications for Windows Azure. Please let us know what you think - are they useful?

Developing a Windows Phone Application from Start to Finish
This article, which includes an accompanying sample application, will guide you through every step of building a complete Windows Phone 7 application. It will take you from defining your application, to adding images, to working with data, all the way to publishing your application on the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Along the way, you will learn the basics of Silverlight and Windows Phone development as you create a simple fuel-tracking application.

Beginning 2D Game Development
Learn how to write a 2D game for the Windows Phone 7 platform. This articleprovides step-by-step guidance for creating your own space shooter (called MarsInvasion), leveraging the XNA Game Studio 4.0 gaming libraries typically usedto write games for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Along the way, you learnabout the main game loop, creating the graphics, state machines, and collisiondetection.

Building 3D Games for Windows Phone
This article demonstrates how to write a 3-D game for Windows Phone 7. As asample project, it guides you through creating a three-dimensional maze gamewhere the player explores a maze looking for treasures and overcoming obstaclesto reach a final goal. The article explains how to create objects inthree-dimensional space and how to transform those objects. It also provides anoverview of how culling lets XNA draw closed solids more efficiently.

Windows Phone 7 -Silverlight & Media
Want to add media to your Windows Phone 7 application? This article covers thevarious ways you can integrate media into your app. You will delve into supportfor media formats on Windows Phone and learn how to easily play media filesusing the included Silverlight controls. In addition, the article demonstrateshow to consume video sources from third-party websites, such as YouTube, andhow you can let users play that media right from within your application.

Windows Phone 7 Data
In this article you will learn everything you need to know to incorporateadvanced data capabilities into your Windows Phone 7 application. Learn how toaccess, store, display, and work with data in your app. The article even helps you with data binding to build advanced user interfaces with minimal coding.

Real World Windows Azure Guidance
Are you ready for Windows Azure? To help you get up to speed, MSDN Library hasnew guidance from real developers sharing expertise gained from real experiencedeveloping applications for Windows Azure. Explore options for implementingforms-based authentication, learn how to create custom performance countersusing Windows PowerShell scripts, find out how to connect your applications tothe cloud, get an overview of diagnostic options available in Windows Azure,and more. It’s all available here.