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My Learning Preferences

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My Learning Preferences

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  • you forgot to put one for: re-type all examples,  debug/recode until they work on my machine, adapt to prove underatanding, repeat

  • I think there are 2-3 other sources:

    - Journals and other type of similar published content

    - Books' (complementary) source code - I learned a lot from others' code. For many books the source code is available independently on whether you purchased or not the book.

    - other professionals within brainstorming, presentations or any other type of ad-hoc knowledge acquisition sessions.

  • I love videos. I taught myself .NET using online videos from the MS website, and Visual Web Developer Express, and then moved on to using LearnVisualStudio.NET, which was pretty good back in the day.

    Seriously, the more vids the better in my view. Considering a sub to :)

  • I spent about 2hrs yesterday just trying to get a SIlverlight Datagrid to display scrollbars and constrain itself to the page, instead of disappearing off the end.  Unusually, all the books and online stuff didn't help.  A mentor would have been good in this case.

  • I really don't get on with training videos and much prefer to "get into" something by trying to do it and researching online how to do it.  I much prefer text-based web sites- they are much easier to search (and copy-and-paste from while I'm learning).  The problem with a video si that it's hard to know whether they cover the exact thing you want without watching the whole thing, at whatever pace the maker recorded the video.  In some cases, you'd have to sit through an hours video to find out that the detail you wanted to understand is glossed over too quickly.

    Speed reading text is much quicker and can get to the heart of the matter much more quickly.

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