If you have ever thought of picking up Windows Azure, 6 weeks of Windows Azure is the perfect opportunity starting in 2012. Starting on the 23rd January 2012 we will be delivering 6 weeks of FREE assistance to individuals who want to build or extend applications with the Windows Azure Platform. During the 6 weeks we have a series of webinars, surgeries and onlinesupport which will cover both the commercial and technical aspects of adopting Windows Azure. Sign up for 6 Weeks of Windows Azure today!

By signing up you will benefit from:

- Understanding why cloud may be relevant to your applications and options you have to adopt it

- Advice on how to start and how to be successful – both in terms of business transformation and technology choices

- Free online help to actually get the application designed, built, tested and deployed

- Plus optional advice on marketing and selling your application

For more information visit www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk

Sign up today to get FREE expert support to help you design, build, test and market your application in 6 weeks.