Registration is now open for the 2012 edition of the Windows Azure BootCamp (powered by Tech.Days UK).

The Windows Azure Camps are events which will show you how to take advantage of cloud computing. This is a free full day training to get you up-to-speed with Microsoft’s Windows Azure. We’ll take you on a journey from learning about the cloud, writing some code, deploying to the cloud and making a simple application available on the internet.

There will be experienced people available to guide you through each exercise. Once you have the basics in place, you’ll be up and running. To get your applications running, you’ll need an Azure subscription, so we can provide you with a special free pass. When you walk away from this bootcamp, you can either de-activate the Azure application before you leave, or leave it running so that when you get home you can continue with your Windows Azure coding adventures. In any case you will walk away with the code you’ve written on your laptop and an ability to modify it, test it locally on your laptop and deploy it to your free Windows Azure subscription any time you choose!  

Windows Azure Bootcamp London Friday 3rd February 2012

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Windows Azure Bootcamp Bristol Friday 10th February 2012

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