Training Day

Last month we highlighted that SQLBits X is the official UK Technical Launch for SQL Server 2012 and registration is now open. We also featured a post by Lynn Langit on Microsoft’s vNext of SQL Server Data Tools... aka Data Dude.

At SQLBits X there’s a training session on Mastering SSDT with the DataDude by none other that Gert Drapers, the man who built SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) lets you develop, test, and maintain SQL Server and SQL Azure databases offline on your desktop. Gert’s master class will get you started using SSDT, providing you with the architectural ins and outs of schema management using SSDT; team oriented database development and leveraging the command line and programmatic interfaces that accompany SSDT for importing, comparing and deploying database schemas. Learn it from the DataDude himself.

In the meantime, if you’re not sure what you do about your unstructured data, Michael Rys, Product Manager on the SQL Server Engine Team, is holding a day session on how to manage this data effectively and flexibly called Beyond Relational in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Futures.

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure bring with them many new constructs and capabilities for the SQL Server developer. Staying in touch with these new developments is difficult until now. Go along to the Programmability in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure training day with SQL Server Product Manager Tobias Ternstrom and be at the vanguard of this new technology.

Register here.