As technologists we tend to talk a different language to business people. Trying to give non-technical examples of how, in this case, cloud computing makes a business more agile and able to respond to things that happen in the market, in the industry, with competitors – that kind of thing – can be difficult.

I think you could either give this video to one of those guys who sits in that strata between technology and the business – somebody like an IT manager and let it work for you. Or you could lift the messages out of the video and deliver them yourself in person to such a guy.

Even the techies here who’ve watched it comment that although they knew about the mechanism for deployment of a cloud service – they had realised the core significance of being able to go “from whiteboard diagram to deployed in 15 minutes” and how that relates to 4 specific and very common business scenarios…

Business Agility and the Cloud


Planky – GBR-257