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Article: Windows 8–Accessibility

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Article: Windows 8–Accessibility

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With the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 to be available for download by the end of February, it’s good to keep a close eye on the posts on the “Building Windows 8” official blog and it’s companion - “Windows Store for developers

A recent Windows blog post talks about new accessibility features present in Windows 8. Given that Windows is run by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, it has to cater for the broadest spectrum of users.

Building Windows 8: Enabling accessibility

  • Being a blind and dexterity impaired computer user I am heavily dependent on third party software. Each new version of windows meant spending over a thousand pounds on upgrading software. I am going to bite the bullet and see if the accessibility function of windows 8 really means I can ditch the third party software and perhaps use the money I save to buy the laptop I allways wanted.

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