Join us on an express tour of Windows Azure from newcomer, experienced developer to an architect’s perspective in March.

In this series of the UK Tech.Days Online Conference, we will take you through a guided journey to understanding Windows Azure from the ground up. We will take you from a newcomer’s guide to, experienced developer, and finally from an architect and business decision maker’s perspective to Windows Azure. You are highly encourage to register and attend all three sessions, however, you can simply choose to attend the ones that you are interested in. We’ll show you Windows Azure and get you over that initial hump of taking on something new, which on the surface can look scary, but with just a small amount of knowledge, you’ll find you can be very productive in this new environment. Join us this March for the UK Tech.Days Online Conference for Developers & Windows Azure.

Track 1: A Newcomer’s Introduction to Windows Azure, Tue 20 March 2012, 12-2pm

This session is for a developer who is either new to Windows Azure or has not yet had any exposure to it. But, as a developer you have heard some buzz and noise around it that you feel you should check out. We will be providing an introductory technical description of Windows Azure’s architecture, what moving parts are included in the platform, how to actually get started writing code and deploying live Internet applications, an overview of some of the core APIs and finally to understand how it is sold, how much it might cost to deploy your application and what the benefits would be.

Track 2: An experienced developer’s guide to Windows Azure, Wed 21 March 2012, 12-2pm

You are already experienced with Windows Azure. You have written and deployed some code but you’d like to now get a feel for what it’s like to actually deliver projects on this platform. What works well, what sorts of things should you avoid? This session, delivered by Andy Cross, one of the founders of the UK Windows Azure User Group, touches on a few areas of Windows Azure that you’ll have used but is full of useful information you can use as a working Windows Azure developer, in the trenches, delivering projects today.

Track 3: An Architect & Business Decision-maker’s guide to Windows Azure, Thu 21 March 2012, 12-2pm

This is a “warts and all” track where there are 2 case studies of organisations who have made the move to a Windows Azure Platform. Did the platform live up to expectations? Did it deliver what it promised to deliver? Most importantly, was it worth the effort of developing for the platform and does it bring the stated benefits such as agility and economy, compared to an on-premises data-centre?

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