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Article: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Article: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you’ve downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and are running with it then you might appreciate this new “Getting Around in Windows 8” post on the Windows Experience Blog.

There’s a bunch of guidance in there but one of the best bits is the keyboard guide which you can download in PDF or XPS format.

I knew a few of those keys but just learnt a few more and I’d print it out and stick it by my monitor if only I hadn’t run out of paper in this printer Smile

The most common shortcuts I’m using right now;

  • Windows + Q
  • Windows + C
  • Windows + X
  • Windows + D
  • Windows + R

but I’m finding that on my slate device I’m developing a triple-mode input routine where I mouse for some things, type for others and touch the screen for some more depending on what feels best/easiest at the time.

On my laptop without touch I find that I do a similar thing but occasionally stab the screen with my finger and then remember where I am Smile


  • Great ! I have been using bunch of other Keyboard shortcuts but these you mentioned are the most important ones.

    Some people are really getting pissed off by not being able to use Windows 8 the way they used to  in Windows 7. For me Windows 8 makes life much easier if you learn to use Keyboard shortcuts.

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