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Article: From iPad App to Windows 8 Metro style app

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Article: From iPad App to Windows 8 Metro style app

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There’s a great new resource gone onto the Windows 8 Developer Center that’s designed with helping designers and developers who are familiar with iPad app design think about how a design for an iPad app might translate across into a Windows 8 Metro style app.

I think the article actually does more than that and even if you’ve never built an iPad app in the first place it’s still very much worth a detailed read because it walks around the thought process involved in putting an application together and brings to life some of the Metro style application principles like;

  • “Content, not chrome”
  • “Direct manipulation”

and then touches on lots of really important topics like;

  • Layout, navigation
  • Commands and actions
  • Contracts for Search, Share and File Picking
  • Touch
  • Orientation and Views
  • Notifications

that all make for a great Windows 8 Metro style app.

If I had a couple of things that I’d add to the article I’d say that it’s also really important to think about;

  • Application lifecycle events to ensure you handle suspend/resume/terminate well for the user.
  • Contracts like Print and PlayTo which might make sense for a photo journal app like this.

but it’s a really nice write up.

Design Case Study: iPad to Windows 8 Metro style app

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