If, like me, you’d were disappointed to discover that Windows Phone development on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview wasn’t a realistic proposition (due to incompatibilities with the emulator) help is at hand. The recently released update to the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 includes an updated emulator which will run on Windows 8*. It also includes:

  • Updated 512MB OS Emulator Image: Updated build Windows Phone OS 7.1 (Build 8773)
  • Windows Phone OS 7.1 emulator image (Build 8773) that emulates running on 256 MB devices
  • IntelliSense support for adding the 512 MB requirement to the Windows Phone App Manifest file
  • Localization: WPSDK supports all 10 IDE languages; and the OS image now has Malay and Indonesian

*Note that Windows 8 will not be an officially supported OS for the Windows Phone SDK until final release.