By Dave Sussman.

DDD, the UK's premier community developer day, is usually at the beginning of the year, but due to unforeseen circumstances had to be postponed. The green light has now been given and we can exclusively announce that DDD Reading will be on the 1st September 2012, at Microsoft's UK base in Reading. More details will be on the DDD site at soon.

If you're not familiar with DDD, it's a community driven one day conference, totally free, and held on a Saturday so you don't even need to take a day off work. Keeping with the community theme, the talks are all picked from an open submissions process, and voted by the public, so the sessions that run are ones you know the community wants to see; after all, they picked them. Now in its 7th year, DDD spans the entire UK (and Australia), running several times a year around the country: Scotland, the North and South West of England, and Ireland, both North and South. Always popular, some DDD events "sell out" in minutes – 13 minutes is the record so far.

The timetable is actively being worked on, so keep an eye on the website for when the submission process opens; anyone can submit a talk, so if you've a topic you've been dying to tell the world about, this is your big chance. So book the 1st September in your diary and get ready for the inevitable deluge of community interest.

dsussman_reasonably_small[1]Dave Sussman

Dave Sussman is an independent consultant, trainer, author and co-organiser of the DDD conferences. Most of his time these days is spent working on access control and security products, so has a house like a high-tech research facility. But without the deadly gas and armed guards.