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Announcement: Updates to the Visual Studio 11 UI in the RC release

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Announcement: Updates to the Visual Studio 11 UI in the RC release

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The Visual Studio team has received lots of feedback on the Visual Studio 11 Beta UI and has implemented some important changes to the UI as a direct response. Check out Jason Zander’s blog and the Visual Studio blog for all the details. Please keep that feedback coming – you can have a direct impact on the end product!

  • But they aren't really listening! RC has little improvement over the previous, just put back the colours 2010 style  - an option if you want and dump the CAPATILISED TEXT (annoying isn't it!).

    Although why change anything just add any extra funtionality and compiler changes etc - its not a phone that needs a new look to keep its users  its a working persons tool!

  • Brian - I think I'd challenge the idea that software doesn't need to evolve visually as well as functionally. Lots of changes the VS team have made make the software cleaner and provide clarity, this clarity is critical to ensure that users new to the software can understand it.

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