Join the Windows Phone UK Developer Reward Programme Today!

It’s simple. Every successful and original app published in the marketplace gets you one point to exchange for a range of substantial state-of-the-art goodies. You can choose something right away or wait – the more apps you publish, the bigger and shinier the stuff you get to choose from.

You can earn 1 point from every successful app published and verified by Microsoft, up to a total of 4 points. Points can then be exchanged for a range of fantastic prizes from a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, to a Nokia portable surround sound speaker or a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone handset!

The purpose of this programme is to reward great apps you’ve built and published for the Windows Phone marketplace. Why are we rewarding you? Because your original and unique apps help us deliver an unique and differentiated experience for Windows Phone users in the UK and the world.

The reward programme runs from the 7th May and until 12th August 2012 so there is plenty of time to earn points! So get in there - start publishing those Apps and REGISTER NOW on the Windows Phone Rewards Programme!

We look forward to rewarding your great Windows Phone apps!