imageBefore I highlight the content in this month’s issue, a little bird told me (OK, it was Liam Westley) that the MSDN Magazine is now available on your Kindle, thanks to open source eBook tool, Calibre.  Get the full details from Liam’s blog.

The May issue of the MSDN Magazine is jam-packed full of HTML5 goodness. There’s a featured article from from Brandon Satrom, continuing his series on HTML5 with: “Using HTML5 to Create Mobile Experiences”.  Brandon explores two pillars of responsive Web design—fluid grids and flexible images. Also in this issue is Colin Eberhardt’s feature on developing native HTML5 applications for Windows Phone, using the open source Apache Cordova mobile development framework.

But it’s not all about HTML5 – other articles in this edition include:

ASP.NET MVC 4: What’s New for Mobile Development in ASP.NET MVC 4
This article explores features in the upcoming release of ASP.NET MVC4 targeted specifically at mobile Web site development.
Keith Burnell

ASP.NET: Introducing the Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms Framework
Take a fresh look at Web Forms with this new navigation framework that eliminates tight coupling and codebehind while providing for unit-tested data-bound code and many other advantages. It’s enough to make an ASP.NET MVC application green with envy.
Graham Mendick

T4 Templates: Managing Complexity in T4 Code-Generation Solutions
Building monolithic code generation solutions is every bit as evil as building a monolithic application. Here are all the ways you can refactor your code generation solution into reusable components.
Peter Vogel

Kinect: Multimodal Communication with Kinect
Leland Holmquest continues to explore his virtual office assistant named “Lily,” created with a Kinect-enabled Windows Presentation Foundation application, in order to advance the means of context-aware dialogue and multimodal communication.
Leland Holmquest

Finally, if you’re a regular reader of Script Junkie you’ll know that it’s now part of the MSDN Magazine – you can find the usual how-to and tutorial content in its own section on the MSDN Magazine Web site.

Happy reading!