By Andrew Westgarth.

With the increasing desire to provide the most fluid and responsive web applications we possibly can, one of the challenges which developers face is how to build real-time data rich web applications.  A project I have been taking a look at over the last few months is SignalR.  SignalR is an asynchronous library for .NET which enables developers to take advantage of web sockets when available but which automatically switches back to long polling when not available.  As web socket support is mixed amongst browser versions and server versions, support in IIS will be coming with IIS 8,  SignalR really fills a gap and reduces the work that is required to get up and running.

The development of SignalR continues at a pace and recently David Fowler has announced that in SignalR 0.5 there will be Webfarm Support and Mono Support amongst other new features detailed in his blog post in addition to outlining some of the features they are looking to add in upcoming releases.

Monkey17AugAndrew Westgarth
Technical Architect at Sage (UK) Ltd