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Event: Tech.Days: Visual Studio 11 Online Event, 28th June 2012, 1pm to 3pm

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Event: Tech.Days: Visual Studio 11 Online Event, 28th June 2012, 1pm to 3pm

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This event will cover the key new features and capabilities that Visual Studio 11 offers software development teams, and the opportunity to ask questions to the UK Developer Tools team and partners. There’ll be something for almost anyone involved in software development, from Project Managers & Scrum Masters to developers and testers.

The focus areas for discussion will be:

  • Agile support, including the new Scrum template, planning tools, taskboards and real-time burndown and velocity charts
  • Storyboarding, feedback tool and IntelliTrace in production to help involve more people in the development lifecycle
  • Changes to the Visual Studio IDE to help simplify using the Visual Studio environment
  • New developer support for code reviews, context switching between work, support for additional unit test frameworks and more
  • Support for developers not using Visual Studio, e.g. Java developers using Eclipse
  • Getting the most out of the Coded UI testing tools for automated functional testing

The format of the session will focus on a Q&A discussion to address questions relating to the videos and recommended reading provided on the UK Visual Studio Team Blog. Please register for the event and then take a look at the content here:

If you’d like, you can post questions in advance @VisualStudioUK, using the hashtag #ukvs11conf.

  • Can you do one that limits the "shiny and new" content to just that available in VS Pro ? And for that matter without reference to TFS ?

    I do appreciate that you want us all to have the best and most comprehensive suite of toys available to us but unfortunately budgetary constraints mean that some (really rather a lot) of us don't get to play with everything that VS has to offer

  • Hi James... I just had a chat With Giles Davies about this. His response was: The Total Development Management video does cover a lot of the IDE changes that are available in Professional, but it’s worth noting that with the Visual Studio 2010 release Team Foundation Server has been made available with any MSDN subscription, i.e. from Professional up. In addition in the Visual Studio 11 line-up, Visual Studio 11 Express now includes Team Foundation Server Express to provide small teams of up to five developers with source code control, work item tracking, and build automation. This is available for free and therefore should suit all budgets and needs.

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