By Tarun Arora.

I recently came across a problem that clients run into when the builds they are working on fail because an associated test failed. But with TFS 2010 there is no way of identifying the failed test error message unless one downloads the test result summary from the build summary page. This is still ok with smaller teams, but with bigger teams and bigger projects, the process of downloading test results from the server takes a lot of time and often gets one into a conflict when multiple people try and download the same test result file.

In my blog post I have shown step by step how a simple utility can be created to download the test results file using the TFS API. I have also attached the sample app as a free download to get started with the sdk. Towards the end I have also shared a reference to a tfs power tool that I worked on previously with which in a matter of few clicks an individual is able to create a build notes document from the chosen builds, this is a great time saver for many who create the build release notes manually. Also, the build notes feature in the community TFS build manager extension gives the user the test result view with tests filtered by status and failed tests along with error message.

Tarun_Arora_AvanadeTarun Arora
Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM

Tarun (@arora_tarun) is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM and has over 5 years of hands on experience developing ALM solutions for leading Trading & Banking Enterprises. Apart from his day job Tarun is mostly found moderating MSDN forums, developing community solutions and talking about ALM.