By Ian Haynes.

HTML5 brings several new form input types; email, number, url, date etc, and new properties; placeholder, autofocus, required and so on.

All of these are ‘fail safe’ in that they are treated as standard text input boxes in browsers that don’t support HTML5, but you may still want to use them in older browsers. There are several ‘polyfills’ or ‘shims’ that make this possible but some required extra classes to be added to the input fields or some non-standard property. My favourite, which doesn’t require any additional tweaks to the fields themselves, is NWXForms, by Italian developer, Diego Perini, available on Github. You just reference it on the page and the new form features work from IE6 upwards.

The documentation on Github isn’t complete but the zip download includes samples showing how to use it.

Ian Haynes
Microsoft MVP for Expression Web

Ian is a front end/back end developer currently focusing on HTML5/CSS3 and mobile responsive design. A regular poster on the Expression Forums and Gallery.