By Jen Stirrup

Want to know how to write better SQL queries? It’s possible to write SQL badly. However, if your application depends on data retrieval and updates, then it is crucial to the performance of your application. Therefore, it is important to write SQL well since it is an essential part of your application.

One of this week’s ‘finds’ is that Itzik Ben-Gan, of the best-known international teachers of SQL, is producing a series on SQL Azure which explains the concepts as well as the structure of good SQL query writing. I know what you’re thinking; there are lots of series on SQL writing, right? This particular series is interesting and special since it focuses on writing SQL Azure – in other words, for the cloud.

It’s also a great series of article for SQL developers who are thinking about moving to cloud development, since Ben-Gan discusses the differences between writing normal SQL queries, and writing for the cloud. With more and more .Net applications being hosted in the cloud, it is important to try and get a grasp on these concepts in order to be head in the skills competition. By producing the blog series, it means that you can build up your understanding in bite-sized chunks, therefore laying the groundwork for more in-depth knowledge when you need it.

I’m looking forward to following Ben-Gan’s series on T-SQL for Azure since it offers tips on both SQL for on-premise and Azure SQL instances. To summarise, if you want to maximise your learning effort by learning SQL technologies and cloud technologies simultaneously, then I recommend that you follow Ben-Gan’s blog series for the next few weeks in order to get a breadth of information about cloud and SQL technologies.

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Jen Stirrup
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