The RTM of Windows 8 has recently just been announced and MSDN UK are looking to help UK companies, brands and individuals to get their applications into the Windows 8 App store ahead of the OS being available for general release.  If you have been working on some innovative, useful and informative applications but don’t yet know how to extend these to make the most of Windows 8 then the Windows 8 Camps are the place to be!

You can work on your own projects with assistance from Microsoft staff aka Windows 8 experts, network with others and also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows 8 related topics.

The Windows 8 Camps will cover an introductory overview session as well as a range of short tutorial sessions. Short tutorial sessions will include topics such as the basics of the OS and interaction with the OS, Metro style UX with examples in Store apps, The Store and the developer opportunity, the high level view of the platform – i.e. WinRT and the choice around implementation technology, and the tooling – the role of Visual Studio and Expression Blend.

In addition, you will learn how you can publish your Windows 8 app into the Windows Store in advance of general release through the Windows 8 App Excellence Labs at this camp.

The Windows 8 Camp will kick off at 9am and officially finish at 6pm, or 9pm for the hardcore attendees.


The pre-requisites for attending this camp are:

1) You have the Windows 8 Release Preview installed and running on your machine -

2) You have Visual Studio 2012 Express RC installed -


When are the camps and where?

The first set of camps will be held in London but after that we’ll be heading off round the country (narrowly avoiding the Olympics). See you there!

Thursday 19th July – London

Saturday 21st July – London

Wednesday 25th July – London

Thursday 26th July – London

Other dates and cities coming soon!


Additional Resources

Your first stop for additional Windows 8 content should definitely be the Downloads area for Windows 8 Metro Style app development. It has the release preview and the tools and SDK’s all in one place for your convenience.

You can also view the channel 9 content from TechEd and TechEd Europe which provides a good insight into getting started with Metro and Windows 8.  You will find some useful filtering options that will help you find all things Windows 8 and Metro. Sessions of particular interest include:

Building Metro style Apps with XAML: What .NET Developers Need to Know

Building Connected Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure

Building Windows 8 Metro style UIs

Feel free to bring your questions and suggestions with you to the camps and look out for announcements about other camps in other cities in the UK.