Ian Haynes has sent in a great Friday Top Tip to share with you all.  I’m thinking maybe we will have a regular top tip Friday.  What do you think?

It’s fairly easy to create a responsive single level menu but I recently needed to have a multi-level menu that would work on mobile devices, which is more of a challenge. A common mobile navigation pattern is to convert a menu from an unordered list to a ‘select’ box and display the whole menu at once. This lends itself well to multi-level menus and I’ve been experimenting with this approach at http://ew-resource.co.uk/p7exp-resp/

A promising and more elegant solution is  ‘FlexNav’ by Jason Weaver, which gives drop-downs on all screen sizes, a ‘device agnostic approach’ as he describes it. With the addition of respond.js it can be used on non-CSS3 browsers.