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Continuous Integration Using NuGet And TeamCity by Xavier Decoster

Xavier Decoster demonstrates how to incorporate the creation and reuse of NuGet Packages into your Continuous Integration build setup using TeamCity

Understanding The Basics Of Roslyn by Kevin Hazzard and Jason Bock

The Roslyn API is a major step forward for developers who want that intimate view of code. In this excerpt from Metaprogramming in .NET, the authors explain how it works through executable code and then go deeper into more of its parts.

An Internal Application Message Bus in VB.NET by John Rivett-Carnac

Working with threads gets complicated quickly as you work to stop them falling over each other. One way to organise threads so that they co-operate without tripping over each other is to use a messaging mechanism to communicate between them. John Rivett-Carnac looks at one such implementation of internal application messaging.