Millions of people around the world use Windows every day and Windows 8 is the biggest platform opportunity available to developers. Windows 8 is a new experience, personal, connected, open, fast, fluid.

Leverage your existing skills to build Windows 8 apps. Code fast, fluid, immersive and beautiful Windows 8 apps in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Build once and get guaranteed support for all Windows customers, whatever device they use. The Windows Store is available in 200 countries and regions and in more than 100 languages. It will showcase your apps with unprecedented global reach.

Publish your first app prior to General Availability of Windows 8 and you will automatically be invited to an exclusive community for UK Windows 8 launch publishers. Get invited to exclusive launch parties, development sessions to enhance the sales/marketing of your Windows 8 app.

Microsoft UK is offering unprecedented support to UK developers interested in Windows 8 app development through a diverse selection of online resources as well as live and in person DevCamps, App Clinics and App Excellence Labs. Here is a brief outline of the support we are offering.

Windows 8 DevCamps for App Developers (

Since we introduced the Windows 8 Dev Camps earlier this year, thousands of developers met at our dev camps around the world to build Window 8 apps and we’re having a lot of fun doing it. The Windows 8 DevCamp is open to everyone and offers an experience catered to your background and technology preference.

We don’t expect you to have finished your application in one day (although that’s not impossible). You will at least understand the Windows 8 operating system, what makes a great Windows 8 style app and the development paths that are available to you. If you choose to take advantage of one of our 1:1 UX labs, then you will also leave with a set of wireframes that you can use to base your Windows 8 style app on.

Windows 8 App Clinic for App Developers (

Attend a Windows 8 App Clinic if you need specific help with your Windows 8 app? We will have a team of technical and marketing experts on standby ready to answer any question you have about Window 8 app development – whether it be questions about an idea for an app, development, design, getting your app into the Windows Store, or any other burning question you have.

Fine tune your app at the Windows 8 App Excellence Lab (

If you have a Windows 8 app almost ready to publish, you are invited to the Windows 8 App Excellence Lab. This two hour one-to-one session with a trained Microsoft Engineer will accelerate your time to completion. The App Excellence Lab is an incredibly valuable resource for you to test your app on touch hardware to make sure it’s perfect when you submit, receive constructive feedback on your project to date and get recommendations on making it even better. Most importantly, learn about gaining access to the Store and a head start in publishing your app.

We are here to help you succeed so make sure you take advantage of the biggest platform opportunity for developers and get support and assistance to make your Windows 8 app the next big thing.

Learn more about what we are doing to help you develop your idea for Windows 8.