imageAppSwitch is designed to help people find Apple iOS and Google Android apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8. AppSwitch allows users to search the Windows Store first to see if the app they’re looking for is available under the same name. If the app isn’t available then the user can search for the app (by platform) and AppSwitch will display suitable replacement apps.

When deciding which app to download, the user doesn’t have to switch to the Windows Store as AppSwitch displays the app description, screenshots, reviews etc.

How it works:

  • Developers list their app on along with an app on iOS or Android that they think their app is similar to
  • They add credit to the match - $10 free per match (as many matches as they like)
  • The match is verified as a good match and then displayed in the relevant version of AppSwitch
  • Credit is deducted from the match every time the app is downloaded
  • No downloads = no credit deducted
  • Once created, anybody can top up a match, allowing an easy way for users to support the developer of an app (without PayPal charges!)

AppSwitch helps users coming from iOS and Android devices find replacement apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Everybody who uses AppSwitch is actively looking to download apps making it a great place to get apps noticed.

AppSwitch was featured on the Guardian website (top 20 apps)

AppSwitch for Windows 8 (Free)

AppSwitch for Windows Phone (Free)

AppSwitch Website


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