Visual Studio 2012 provides continuous value to customers, adding new capabilities year-round in addition to the features in the main product. These releases are aligned with the core software development trends in the market, ensuring developers and development teams always have access to the best solution for building modern applications.

In addition, the update process makes it easier for our customers to locate and deploy bug fixes, and keep the client up-to-date with regard to our hosted cloud offerings.

Below you will find the key new features that can be found in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1.

SharePoint development: Additional ALM capabilities to SharePoint such as Load Testing and Coded UI testing support which improves quality, scalability and agility.

Supporting agile teams: Easier agile planning with Web Access and new Kanban support alongside existing Scrum support.

Continuously enabling quality: Improvements for testing at all levels, from organizing unit tests to more flexible workflow for manual test execution.

Windows development: Improving Windows 8 application development, including:

o Support for debugging mixed managed and native Windows Store Applications

o Improved ARM debugging for Windows Store apps

o Targeting Windows XP for C++ applications built into Visual Studio 2012

Additional Information

For further information on this please take a look at S. Somasegar’s blog post and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Update.