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Competition: 12 Days of Geekmas – Day 7

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Competition: 12 Days of Geekmas – Day 7

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A week into the 12 Days of Geekmas and we have already given away loads of great prizes! Today is no different!


To enter today’s competition you need share your top tips relating to Windows Server 2012 in the comments on this competition page along with your email address so that we can let you know if you win.  Never used Windows Server 2012 before?  Why not take a look at the TechNet Library or Windows Server 2012 product pages to find out more.   There will be 6 winners in today’s competition as there are only 6 days left until Geekmas Day!

Each of today’s winners will get a Windows 8 laptop sleeve, a Windows 8 USB spider, a Windows 8 Mug and Windows 8 pen.  (Yes we’ve gone a bit Windows 8 mad in terms of prizes today!!!)

Remember to tweet and share this competition with your colleagues and friends!

Winners from Tuesday

Yesterday we had plenty of you enter the competition and here are the 7 winners:

  1. Richard van Aken
  2. Rich Costall
  3. M Steel
  4. James Millar
  5. Neil Hillen
  6. Matt Hughs
  7. Chiraag Swaly

If you see your name on today’s list then drop a mail to with your name, email address and postal address and we’ll send you your prize.

  • What really love is IIS8 and that I can have multiple sites with HTTPS binding for different host headers. That was my pain in IIS 7.5 and I had to use different ports. Now on Server 2012 and IIS8 all is working as it should.


  • With the release of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.0 has added support for the WebSocket Protocol.

    This is great for SignalR and other systems that can use WebSockets:

  • IIS8 have many good benefit like securuty, and speed. I try other type of IIS and can see the the IIS8 is the best choice with windows server 2012


  • Don't forget that if you're not a fan of WIndows 8, Windows 2012 also makes a good day to day workstation for our development needs. The team at have a great guide to tweaking Windows 2012 for this purpose.

    danmaharry AT gmail DOT com

  • Turning off the GUI to save server resources.

    chris AT chawkins DOT net

  • I like Active Directory Recycle Bin feature.

    Active Directory Recycle Bin helps minimize directory service downtime by enhancing your ability to preserve and restore accidentally deleted Active Directory objects without restoring Active Directory data from backups, restarting Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), or rebooting domain controllers.

    uk.preeti AT

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